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Here at The Watch Room we love nothing more than hearing from our many satisfied customers.  Giving you excellent customer service and supplying you with beautiful luxury watches at great prices is what we are here for.  So when you buy from us we'd love to hear from you about your experience.  Please take a moment to fill out a customer review by clicking the upload button below.  Thank you so much.

What our customers are saying....

Omega Speedmaster X-33 Skywalker



Warwickshire UK


This is the second timepiece I have sourced through Geoff and it's not commonly available. A late evening text to him resulted in an immediate response (communications with him is always excellent) and within hours he had located one at an attractive price. I would not hesitate for one second recommending Geoff and The Watch Room...he is both professional and efficient. If you are dealing with him for the first time and, quite naturally have any doubts, you can genuinely dispel them... you will not be disappointed.

Deep sea blue

Bill wilson



The watch to cure a golf slice

My second purchase off Geoff. After my experience of a face to face purchase I had no reservations of doing a purchase online with The Watchroom. Purchase was seamless with all relevant paperwork. The added bonus is the weight of this beast has improved my golf shot.

Cartier Tank Francais





I have nothing but praise for Geoff and The Watch Room.
His description of the item and his handling of the deal to purchase were outstanding. Have no fears - this man is a consummate professional.

Rolex Daytona




Geoff’s a straight shooter

Second deal we’ve done. A real gentleman. Honest, fair and straight talking. Simple transactions. No BS. Can’t do enough, efficient and quick reflexes. Can’t rate Geoff highly enough really whether you’re buying or selling. Thank you.

Submariner Date




Outstanding Professionalism

I was very dubious about purchasing a watch through a dealer due to uncertainty around authenticity and lack of integrity from eccentric sales people looking to flog any watch. This is not the case with my experience with the Watch room and specifically Geoff. It is extremely refreshing to see that there are genuine individuals in the luxury watch industry. I can’t thank Geoff enough for his professionalism and honesty throughout this process. He took the time to meet with me at my offices of his own volition and was patient throughout the whole process. It has been a great experience and the man is well connected with some great stories, I look forward to sourcing my next watch through The Watch Room.

Rolex Sea Dweller




First Time Buyer

I’d been thinking of buying a Rolex for a couple of years but as I got more serious about it, it was proving difficult to source. I was between the Sub and the Sea Dweller and first thing that impressed me was Geoff had both available and both new / unworn. I met him near my office and admittedly I was a nervous first time buyer, but was instantly put at ease and quickly felt I could trust him. I couldn't decide so Geoff suggested we meet at the weekend, he would travel to my house and I could get my wife’s input, sound advice! I opted for the Sea Dweller, which I’m delighted with. Geoff could tell I was apprehensive and was in touch after the purchase offering his expertise, if I had any questions in the future, which Ive already taken him up on. Geoff was professional, patient, thorough and a gentlemen throughout the process.

Rolex 116613LB

John M



My First Rolex

I have a watch collection but have always resisted buying a Rolex, however I saw someone else wearing this watch I thought it was a must have.
Geoff brought the watch to my home and patiently explained the watch to me. He had the foresight to bring all the paperwork including an already made up invoice, and a certificate from the Watch Register that shows if the watch has been stolen etc.
Geoff also adjusted the bracelet which saved me having to take it to the jeweller's to get it resized and that was much appreciated.
All in all a totally seamless transaction, and I can recommend his service to anyone else considering purchasing a watch.

Tudor gmt

Neil Pepper



Pepsi gmt

Very friendly and very professional. Watch was delivered as promised , and on time.

Rolex 116515LN





Bought a watch with Geoff, absolutely stunning piece!
Excellent price and service!

Sea dweller

Bill wilson



First impressions

My first dealing with The watch room and was instantly impressed on meeting Geoff face to face. Geoff’s knowledge and integrity came across almost instantly and Hawkeye (the wife ) who misses nothing agreed with me. We completed the purchase the next day in a way which furthered my confidence in his honesty. Highly recommended and I will definitely use again.

Rolex Submariner Date (116610LN)




Fantastic service, gorgeous watch

I had been searching for an unworn Rolex Submariner Date for some time but was struggling to find the correct watch, at a reasonable price from someone I trusted.
When I reached out to The Watch Room, Geoff’s prompt and helpful communication meant I felt comfortable to meet him and see the watch.
Geoff talked me through the watch and its documentation which was not only very interesting, but also made me confident that this watch was exactly what I wanted.
I am now the proud owner of my dream watch and will definitely recommend The Watch Room to those looking for fantastic service and a quality watch.

2019 Sea Dweller 43



Leeds United Kingdom

Exceptional Service!

I was in the market for a new time piece but struggled to find the item initially. Along came Geoff and although I had never dealt with him before, he instantly made me feel at ease. He took time out to explain the entire process and no question was unanswered. Everything that Geoff explained would happen did happen and I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Rolex to add to my collection.
I cannot recommend Geoff and The Watch Room more than I am doing and certainly will be giving him first refusal on my next watch purchase. Thank you Geoff!

seamaster planet ocean chronograph



cumbria uk

Top marks to geoff and all at the watch room

First class service from geoff at the watch room buying a beautifull time peace from geoff was such a no worry hassle free purchase. kept up to date from viewing the watch to reciveing it bought a few quality watches over the years but never had a buying experiance as good as this one.Top marks on packaging the best ive seen and deliverd right on time as promised.couldent be more happier with my watch and the service i recived from start to finish.this is my first purchase from them but deffinatley wont be my last a big thank you to geoff and all at the watch room.

Omega Speedmaster



Zug, Switzerland

Brilliant Service

This was just easy. I contacted Goeff about a couple of watches. After being a bit worried buying online, the watches arrived well packed, documents in order and all was in perfect condition.
Geoff was spot on throughout the whole process, kept me informed constantly about the tracking for an International shipment even though I had the full details and tried to assist in any way possible in case we would have run into issues.
In the end, the result was perfect. Geoff seems like a passionate person and most importantly he cares. People don’t care how much you know, they want to know how much you care.
I would recommend Geoff to anyone in search of a perfect timepiece.

Rolex Datejust 41mm

Eddie T



Customer Service at its best

Geoff has been amazing! Thank you so much for such a great experience.

Your customer service is second to none and you have been really good at keeping me updated throughout the whole process.

The packaging and delivery were 10/10 and the documents envelope is a great touch too. I’m big on customer service and you have definitely exceeded all expectations.

Thank you and I wish you all the very best!


Batman on Oyster




If price is everything, service and quality are meaningless. You get all 3 from Geoff.

However often you’ve done it, anxiety always wells up when you reach the point of actually handing over so much money for a watch, often at such a large premium to the Rolex list price. It took me nine months to pull the trigger on this one.

I could have bought one a couple of years older for 15% less from a thoroughly reputable dealer elsewhere. But I’ve got a paranoia about polishing, so virtually new is always crucial for me.

Read Geoff’s view about polishing on his website.

It might feel like a small example, but that’s one example of correspondence, similar views between buyer and seller attitudes, which is somehow reassuring.

I don’t want to sound trite, but shared values matter. And the most important one is trust, which is why this is the third watch I’ve bought from Geoff.

I always run any deals I spot elsewhere by him and ask for his views. I get a conversational response within hours and, more importantly, Geoff's experienced insight, warning me, for example, of the psychological (egocentric) risks I might be straying into when, for example, I puff up with pride when my London AD chooses me, yes me, to sell the Ice Blue Daytona to. I didn’t buy it. I might do in the future. I’ll probably ask him before I do.

Start your own conversation. It’s free. I suspect he’ll enjoy it just as much as you do, because he loves the subject. I’ll even risk a strong hunch that he doesn’t personally depend on the money, even if he’s a hard headed negotiator. I definitely get the impression that any sale he makes means a bit more than margin to him.

And the presentation is exemplary. Never a scuffed box. Never a typo on documentation. Always a Watch Register certificate. And beautiful watches.

And I have got 80% through a negotiation with him on more than one occasion and abruptly pulled out. Never a complaint from him.

I hope this gives you some sense of the professional rapport on offer. I’m sure many people are benefiting from their interaction with Geoff. There’s no downside.

A real gentleman to gentleman buying pleasure. As I say, start your own chat; you’ll see what I mean. Meanwhile, I hope you like my Bluesy comparison. Geoff sold me the beautiful Batman.

Submariner date




Great service from watch room

Everything went well with Geoff with the purchased of the watch. Before I met Geoff I was a bit worried buying on line , but after we met in London he show me my watch with all the papers n a gd chat my worries were gone . I will use Geoff again nxt time for another Rolex . Thanks again Geoff !

Tudor GMT

Cameron Black


Sydney, Australia

Couldn’t be easier!

Phoned Geoff when I was sitting in the qantas lounge in Sydney, about to jump on a plane to Edinburgh. He volunteered to meet me in Edinburgh airport with the watch and the rest, as they say, is history.

Rolex - Daytona




Put at ease

Buying a watch is always a good experience, but with all the cowboys out there it can be very daunting. Before meeting Geoff, I was very paranoid about the idea of not meeting him in a shop, but when you sit down with him everything changes. Not only does he put you at ease, but his enthusiasm, expertise and professionalism is nothing I have ever encountered before. I’m actually very happy to have stumbled across his company, not only are his watches fairly priced but his attention to detail and openness guarantees I will be back for many more purchases.
Thanks again for the lovely Daytona!

Tudor Black Bay Heritage

David Watts



Fabulous Customer Service

Wonderful, professional experience from onset to conclusion. Geoff managed to source a piece my local AD was unable to secure for a very competitive price. It arrived supremely packaged all within 48 hours!
I will be back to the watch room for my future additions to my collection!
Highly recommended!





Great service, value and expertise

Proud owner of a lovely Hublot. Great addition to my collection. Thank you for a great service Geoff. Always a pleasure!

Tudor Black Bay GMT

Michael S.



Very satisfied of the Watch Room experience

Thank you very much for solid packaging, fast delivery and the nicely arranged documents. All done with great care. I appreciate this very much. The watch is in the unworn condition I expected, everything is fine. I am very pleased of the communication with Geoff. Prior to purchasing the watch he sent me a photo of the watch on which I could see the correct setting of the bezel and the hands.

Rolex GMT 2019



United Kingdom

Couldn’t be more pleased

Fantastic experience and service from Geoff at The Watch Room. Had great communication beforehand regarding what I was after, making sure I was choosing the right piece for me. After viewing a number of others I’m so glad I opted for the The Watch Room, my watch certainly didn’t disappoint. It was so much better than I expected and Geoff ensured it cane with everything I needed, including invoices and insurance valuations.
More than happy to recommend to friends and family. Can’t rate them highly enough!

Rolex Daytona 116500 LN



Telford. UK

Daytona - Great Watch!

Everything went well. Delivered when promised & the watch is as described. The packaging is brilliant to the extreme! Paperwork & valuation supplied. Would recommend dealing with Geoff. Thanks.

Tag Monaco




Great Service.

Hassle free, great communication and a great watch. THANKS.

Rolex GMT-Master II Model Ref 126710BLRO

David M



The watch I always wanted.

I recently purchased this watch from Geoff at The Watch Room. This is the second time I have had the pleasure of dealing with Geoff and as before I can only speak highly of him. He had the full set with him for me to look over, Batman, Batgirl, Root Beer and the one I decided was the watch for me, the Pepsi. Geoff spent a considerable amount of time talking over these watches, allowing me to try them all on a number of times before I decided on "the watch I always wanted".
Thanks for the experience Geoff.

Zenith El Primero Stratus Rainbow Flyback



Cirencester / Uk

A Splash of Colour

Fantastic watch. Superb transaction. Geoff is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603

Andy Moyne



Easy transaction

Decided I wanted to buy a Rolex. Wasn't sure which model. Gave the Watch Room a call and they were so helpful. Made several recommendations and we met in person and I viewed all the watches we discussed. Landed on the new 2019 bi-metal Sea-Dweller. What a watch! Very happy with my purchase and the great service from the Watch Room.

Rolex GMT Master II Root Beer

Noah Madian



Excellent value + exceptional service

For a while, I have been looking to buy a Rolex GMT Master II Root Beer. The one I bought from The Watch Room was by far the best value. It was a brand new 2019 model. I've seen used 2018 models go for more money. Plus Geoff is a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend his service and I am looking forward to dealing with him in the future.

Omega Seamster Diver 300 Black/Gold




Refreshingly good

First time with The Watch Room. Communications with Geoff were faultless and reassuring, everything promised was done... to the letter. Personal service of the highest order...get's my vote any day... thank you..